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Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Seeing short-term weight loss only to gain it back after you think you have it all figured out?

95% of people who lose weight will gain it back. But I want you to be in the minority. I want you to be part of the 5% and never have to worry about falling back on old habits again.

I was in the 95% until I was 23. I was a serial Weight Watchers member between 5th grade (yep, you read that right) and college. I would lose weight and think I finally understood the secret to keeping it off, so I quit Weight Watchers and promptly gained it back. I didn’t realize that I felt so deprived on Weight Watchers that I thought food was to be “deserved” food. Then my “treats” turned into binge eating while no one was around because I was ashamed of my behaviors. And the weight didn’t just creep back on, but jumped back on.

Too many people think that walking more steps and eating less will make you lose weight. I tried that approach and actually gained weight while training for my first half marathon. It’s not about calories or steps taken each day. It’s not about punishing yourself for eating or thinking you deserve food.

It’s about understanding that your yo-yo dieting habits are putting your future health at risk. Stop trying follow plans that have only worked temporarily in the past.

This is exactly why I created my Nutrition and Weight Loss program. If my story resonates with you, then let’s talk. Let’s fix this once and for all.

With my proven plan, my clients see results within the first week

But the best part? My plan is 100% based on YOUR goals. We work together to come up with a plan of success for YOU. You aren’t cookie dough and you don’t deserve a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all plan. I will work individually with you to guarantee you see results.

Want to know more? Click here to schedule a FREE 20-minute call to see if the Nutrition and Weight Loss Coaching program is right for you!

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