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Welcome to
The Healthy Balance Mom


Hi friend, I’m Kristen!

Owner of The Healthy Balance Mom

I've always believed that "healthy" has to include a balance.  But gosh, finding balance across all areas of life is hard to do. 

It's always been my goal to create a safe place for moms overwhelmed by life's endless to-do lists and prioritizing others, to come together and have real-life discussions on how to balance all-things "health."

So let's do this together. Let's learn how to balance all things health! Please stop living in the extreme calorie deficit, eating salads out of guilt or shame, weighing yourself every day, living in a life of "should's" and "need to's," and let's work together to learn what a healthy balance really means for ourselves and our family!

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Love from previous clients

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Sarah R

I have never enjoyed working out. Like never. I hated the gym because I always felt judged and never really felt successful. I signed up for Kristen's boot camp on a whim, thinking "Oh crap, what did I just do?" But it was a great decision! Not only did I enjoy working out, but I actually missed it (gasp!) when I missed a few days! I could feel my body getting stronger and I just felt good about myself. I didn't focus on the number on my scale because it could in no way measure how I was feeling, which was awesome!

AF review.jpg

Ann F

I feel really encouraged because, as a missionary, I am traveling a lot and it is hard to keep up a regular exercise program. With the exercises I have learned, I feel more equipped to keep up a regular program, even when I am in some far off place! I am really grateful, too, that Kristen modified a few of the exercises to meet my needs.

LH review_edited.jpg

Liz H

Being 54 I was not sure I could do the workouts but I did! The scale didn't move much but my muscles are getting toned and inches were lost! This beats the scale any day! I will continue do use what I've learned to stay fit!

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